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List of Compositions

Below is a partial list of compositions. If you are interested in works for a specific instrument/instrumentation and do not see it on this list, please contact me. Scores for all works are available upon request.



The First Most Uninteresting Number for wind ensemble. 2017.

Industrious Hybridization for chamber orchestra. 2015.

- 1111 - perc, pno - strings 


An Actuated Conglomerate for chamber orchestra. 2010. Significantly revised 2016.

- 1111 - perc, hrp, pno - 2/2/2/2/1

- Commissioned by Inscape Chamber Orchestra


The Interloping Beguiler for bass clarinet and orchestra. 2009.


Maqam for orchestra. 2008.



Profligate Aberration for clarinet and bass clarinet duet. 2017.

(2,3,7) for clarinet, horn, and piano. 2017.

- Commissioned by Trio Simpatico

Threes on the Line for harp and percussion. 2016.

Fragmentary Bibelot for clarinet and bassoon. 2015.

Quadrigeminal Deference for woodwind trio (oboe, clarinet, bassoon). 2015.

- Written for Capital Reeds.


Envisaging a Supercluster for cello and piano. 2013

- Commissioned by Dan Shomper.


Charismatic Thaumaturge for oboe/english horn (one player) and bass trombone. 2012.

- Commissioned by Noelle Drewes.


Exasperating Perpetuation for violin, clarinet, cello and piano. 2008.


The Salient for flute choir. 2005.


The World Below the Brine for voice and piano. 2003.




Predestined Morphology for drumset. 2014.

- Commissioned by Danny Villanueva.


Aus einer Surmnacht for solo percussionist/narrator. 2010.

- Commissioned by Lee Hinkle.


A Slight Angle to the Universe for solo violin/narrator. 2008.


A Luminare of an Anomalous Symbiosis for piano. 2007.



Tamer of Wild Animals for electronic tape (CD) and optional slide show. 2005.


Reduced Vagrancy for steel drum and tape accompaniment. 2004.

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