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Click on a composition to listen. If you are interested in performing a piece, please contact me for purchase information!

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Large Ensemble

An Actuated Agglomerate for orchestra. 2016 revised version.

- Performed live as part of the National Music Festival.


Threes on the Line for harp and percussion.

- Performed live by Cara Fleck, harp, and Eric Plewinsky, percussion.

Exasperating Perpetuation for Violin, Clarinet, Cello, and Piano.

- Performed live by the Left Bank Quartet.

Fragmentary Bibelot for clarinet and bassoon.

- Performed live by Kelsey Mire, clarinet, and Jacob Kohut, bassoon.

Quadrigeminal Deference for woodwind trio (oboe, clarinet, and bassoon).

- Performed live by Capital Reeds.

Charismatic Thaumaturge for Oboe/English Horn and Bass Trombone.

- Performed live by Noelle Drewes, oboe and english horn, and Zac Hollister, bass trombone.

Envisaging a Supercluster for Cello and Piano.

- Performed live by Dan Shomper, cello and Grace Eun Hae Kim, piano.


Predestinded Morphology for drumset.

- Performed live by Danny Villanueva.

A Slight Angle to the Universe for violin and narration (one player).

- Performed live by Francis Liu.

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